The Secret to Increase Your Tour Sales

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There are millions of tour guides in the world; however, only a small percentage of them are making great money. Some may even still be starving for customers. What is the secret to increase your sales?

After analyzing those who have made a lot of sales via Gopackup.com and those who could not make any sales, we have concluded some tips to share with all professionals in tourism and those who are planning to provide such service to travelers.

  1. Have a theme, and provide a unique experience

Many tour guides just simply provide transportation services, take the customers around and show them the attractions. With the development of new technologies and services, travelers can easily use a GPS, rent a car or get an Uber. Tour guides who are providing such showing-around services are losing their customers.

A tour guide should NOT just give a tour, he or she should provide added value in addition to sightseeing. Gopackup’s suggestion is that to design an experience with a theme, instead of just simply showing around.

For example, some tour guides are providing special ghost tours, which are very stimulating. There are some communist tours on Gopackup’s website with a special theme, such as Communist Moscow, Post-Communist Bratislava Tour, Communist Tour of Bucharest, Prague Communist Tour, Communist History Tour Tirana, which could bring travelers back to histories, and give them a unique experience. Or comedy tours such as Hilarious Rave Reviewed Drag Queen Comedy Tour, or Standup Paddleboard Yoga and Bush Tea & Culture Tour will train travelers special skills.

In essence, tour guides need to provide a value that the customers cannot easily get by themselves, and bring them a unique experience in their hometowns.

  1. Build a great relationship with previous customers

Many tour guides just never contact their old customers after finishing tours, because they assume these customers will not come back again. This is WRONG. Keep in touch and interact with old customers often, and be friends with them. These old customers may come back again for their new tours; or refer and bring them new friends.

How to manage relationships with old customers? Gopackup has a customer management tool, which allows tour guides to import their contacts from your email, and then you can manage and interact with these customers with built-in templates and features. The group email feature allows tour guides to send their contacts with holiday greetings, announce new tours/services; and so on to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

Tour guides can also create a coupon code at Gopackup.com and group email their contacts with the coupon code to use. Even though many old customers may not able to use the coupon, he or she can forward to their social circles; hence, bringing the tour guide with new customers.

  1. Social media marketing

Many tour guides have some social media accounts and have already been posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Now Gopackup provides a social media marketing tool which allows tour guides to post via Gopackup.com and sync to all other social media channels at the same time!

Posting and introducing local attractive moments and broadcast to the public through social media will help tour guides build relationships and communities online, and attract new customers through these networking effects. At the end, one old customer or friend’s friend’s friend’s cousin may book tour guide’s service.

Gopackup continues working to make this social media marketing tool more powerful, and much more social media channels will be added soon. The goal is to allow tour guides to promote their services to as many channels as possible and gain the greatest effects with just one simple post action.

Gopackup itself has also become a vertical social media in travel industry that people can share moments, add and/or follow friends, and build connections for partnerships, etc.

So the secret to increase tour sales is not that difficult, just remember to differentiate one’s service, add extra value besides transportation and showing around, maintain good relationship and close contact with old customers, and utilize social media tools to attract new customers. Tour guides can master all of these by simply using Gopackup!

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