Halona blowhole Oahu

Honolulu, Oahu: Local Restaurants and Sites

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Hawaii is a well-known tourist destination, especially the island of Oahu. While many people go to Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor, there are many local finds that Oahu has to offer that are lesser known. To save you time and energy, I am going to share with you some of the local spots I have discovered in Hawaii after living there for a few years.

1. Sweet E’s

This local diner in Waikiki is one of the best in Oahu. Here you can get anything from sweet and savory brunch items to Hawaiian lunch classics. Order the Hawaiian omelet filled with potatoes, Portuguese sausage, cheese, and spam! Whatever you feel like eating, make sure to also try the plantation iced tea. It is just iced tea and pineapple juice together, but it is so refreshing and delicious!

Sweet e's Oahu
Corn beef hash eggs benedict with a side of fried rice? Yes.

2. Hālona Blowhole

Drive 20-30 minutes from Waikiki and you will find the town of Kaneohe Bay and this local favorite, the Hālona Blowhole. When you arrive you’ll find a small parking lot and find a few groups of people looking at the blowhole from a railing. Most tourists would leave after seeing the lookout, but they are missing out on so much of what this area has to offer. Find the sign that says “Do not go beyond this point,” walk right past it, and climb down to an amazing hidden beach. You will not regret it.

Halona blowhole Oahu
When there is a high tide, expect sights like this at the Hālona Blowhole
Oahu blowhole
Only the locals go down to this beautiful beach. You can climb to get a closer look at the blowhole from here or jump off some rocks into the water.

3. Makapu’u Lighthouse

Here is the perfect trail for an early morning or afternoon hike with a stunning view of the Oahu coastline. The Makapu’u lighthouse trail is easy, kid-friendly, and filled with beautiful sites from high above the western side of the island. This trail is about 20 minutes outside of Waikiki, but it is well worth the drive.

Makapu'u Lighthouse Oahu
Afternoon view from the top of the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

4. Ono Steak and Shrimp Shack

Do not let this shack fool you or make you stray away! The food in here is not only local, but it has the best tastes of the island. Here you can get juicy garlic shrimp, with melt in your mouth kalbi beef, and a side of mac salad (potato salad), and rice for only $8.50!

Oahu Shrimp Shack
Homey Shack with Great Hawaiian Food
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