Chairman Mao and local arts

They Barely Mentioned this Impact under China’s Chairman Mao

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Art in local life in Xi'an China local tour family visit
Art in local life in Xi’an China

The painting above is illustrating that in Mao’s time, peasants were the leading group to get other social groups together! The future of China was in their hands under Mao’s leadership. Mao was like the sun to all Chinese people at that time as you can see in this painting. The artist of this specific painting uses bright colors, such as yellow and red, to express the importance of Mao’s leadership. How does local life impact art as an expression of the times?

If you want to know the answer, you must explore the city of Xi’an; the perfect place to explore more about the relationship between art and local society. The art pieces in Xi’an mostly relate to the politics during Mao’s leadership. Experiencing this lesser known city is a unique way to explore China as a foreigner. Xi’an is a place filled with the history and culture that will make you understand other’s life stories in their perspectives through art.

🍂When we look at any art piece, we pay attention to the color, the material, and also the message that is being conveyed through the artwork. The main artists of traditional Xi’an paintings were local peasants. With this perspective, most traditional Xi’an paintings had messages of hard work, community and revolution, which were the local peasants core values.


Color is an important element in art because it conveys emotion and mood. Bright colors like yellow and orange express the happiness of people because it represents that there is a bright future lying ahead of them. Another example is the color combination of red and yellow, which always associates with Mao’s leadership.



Multiple colors show the mood of peasants and different time periods that peasants are working during a year. Each of the four seasons have different looks.

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local family culture China tour
Tea ceremony with a local family in Xi’an, China


The tour starts at a local home in Xi’an, which includes a tea ceremony with the hosting family and after you will make lunch or dinner together. Besides interacting with a local family, we will also take you to visit a local farmer artist’s home where you may have a chance to appreciate the local farmer paintings.

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