Chile Food Cooking Class with a local

Life is Short, Eat Good Food around the World First

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Foodies, unite! There is no love sincerer than the love of food. Lovers of the culinary world know that food has the incredible power to bring people together. Each country has its own unique cuisine that showcases their culture, traditions, and innovation.

Food exposes travelers to the distinct characteristics of each region that they explore. Here are four of our top picks for sampling the tastiest local fare around the globe–we’re confident that you’ll ask for seconds!

1.  Queen Victoria Market:  Melbourne, Australia

Queen Victoria Market food tour local food
Queen Victoria Market Ultimate Foodie Tour

Queen Victoria Market is a bustling center for fresh produce, specialty traders, artisans, and performers. The open air market is spread over two city blocks in Melbourne’s Central Business District. Since the market’s opening in 1878, it has provided the city with local shopping, fresh food, and memories to last a lifetime. Hungry for more? This Ultimate Foodie tour will take you indulging in fresh seafood, local Victorian cheeses, cured meats, and Australian produce. Your guide will reveal many of the specialties that are available at the market with an explanation of the market’s rich history. Round out the tour with a seasonal fruit platter, a glass of Victorian wine, and a hot jam doughnut.

2. Temescal Neighborhood:  Oakland, California

Hipster Oakland Food Tasting local guide
Hipster Oakland Food Tasting

One of the most diverse destinations in the United States is Oakland, California. Temescal food producers come from varied backgrounds: pop-up restaurants, fine dining establishments, and even farmers’ market stands. These creative chefs have embraced innovation in their cooking, which has caused foodies to flock to this new eating destination. To discover more of this “hipster” neighborhood, Temescal Tastes will give you a taste of all of the diverse options that Oakland has to offer. From Indian street food to Baja-style tacos, this tour highlights many facets of this melting pot of a city.

3.  Traditional Fare:  Berlin, Germany

German food tour locals
A tasting adventure of secret and local German food

From delicious schnitzel to traditional sausage to world-famous currywurst, Berlin has a large sampling of local flavors. Want to taste these hidden gems for yourself? Secret Food in Berlin guides you through seven local spots that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. A passionate local guide will share his intimate knowledge about the history and culture of Berlin. Explore street art and sample local flavors throughout the three hour walking tour. Finally, enjoy wine or beer at a local pub. Prost!

4. Cooking With A Local Chef: Puerto Varas, Chile

Chile Food Cooking Class with a local
Chile Food Cooking Class

Journalist by profession, cook by choice. Andres, the local chef, discovered his love for cooking when he was 12 years old in his scout group where he took control of pans and pots to dazzle his partners with wonderful plates. Beside his love for the kitchen, he has always been interested in travelling. After going through the 5 continents, he discovered his love for meeting people from different places and learning techniques from all over the world. Located in Puerto Varas, Andres brings tourists closer to Chilean culture and the idiosyncrasy of the southern tip of our country.


Wherever you go, be sure to immerse yourself in everything each place has to offer. When it comes to food, be daring and bold!

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