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What’s the best way to explore art and pubs in London?

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Meet Jane Peyton and Nelly Balazs, two of Gopackup’s featured London locals. These talented women are knowledgeable about art, pubs, photography, local culture, and more.

Jane Peyton

Jane Peyton wears many hats; she is a tour guide, author, public speaker, event producer, Guinness World Record Breaker(!), and connoisseur of alcoholic drinks.  Known particularly for her pub tours and work regarding alcohol, Jane has won awards including Britain’s first Beer Sommelier of the Year in 2014 and Drinks Educator of the Year in 2016. Her expertise extends from modern drinks to the cultural history of alcohol.

London Local Guides, Jane Peyton
Jane Peyton

Among a multitude of accomplishments, Jane has penned eight books, including Beer o’Clock and Drink: A Tippler’s Miscellany. She founded the School of Booze, a corporate events production company and drinks consultancy.  In 2016, she claimed a Guinness Book of World Records title by holding a beer tasting with a record amount of 1,236 people in attendance!

London Guides, Jane Peyton
Books authored by Jane Peyton

Jane is also passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. She is a key player in organizing Beer Day Britain, an annual celebration that brings people together through booze. You can also catch her speaking on TV and the radio, as well as on her personal website.

A trip to London would not be complete without popping into a unique local pub for a drink. Jane offers renowned walking tours through the city where she shares her knowledge about pubs, architecture, and British customs. For two consecutive years, her pub tour was awarded Top Rated British Experience by customers.

“Our best evening in London. It was not just a pub tour, it was a walking tour of Old London. Jane is an acknowledged expert on beer and helped us in choosing just the right brew in each of the historic pubs that we visited. On returning home, it was the Pub Tour that I have talked about. Don’t miss it.”

— ♥ A happy customer

If you’re planning to explore London, check out Jane’s private tour of historic pubs.

Nelly Balazs

Meet Nelly, a London based photographer and blogger. She regularly contributes to Instagrafite and Street Art News, two of the biggest platforms showcasing street art. Her areas of expertise are many, but she chooses to focus on street art and graffiti.

London Local Guides, Nelly Balazs
London street art

Nelly invites you to open your eyes and mind to the art surrounding us everyday.

“I am brimming with knowledge so will also share some stories about the artists who created these pieces. I hope that you will be inspired and will begin to look at our society and the city of London differently, by understanding the meaning behind the works.” – Nelly Balazs

London local guide, Nelly

Check out Nelly’s tour around Camden, where she will take you off of the beaten track to experience the most unique street art that London has to offer here.

London Guides, Nelly Balazs
London street art

From street art to pop culture to a good cold beer, these two local guides will make your next trip to London one for the books!

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