Cancun Warm travel destinations 2017

The Best Warm Travel Destinations in 2017 (Photos)

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It’s about that time of year again. The holidays are over, but we’ve still got a long winter ahead of us. After New Year’s, we trudge to work in the cold and spend our days dreaming of escaping our cubicles and desks for blue skies and sandy beaches. This year, don’t let the winter blues get you down. Make your New Year’s resolution to treat yourself to a getaway to one of these five warm travel destinations!

1. Orlando, Florida, United States
Orlando warm travel destinations 2017
Orlando Landscape, courtesy of Ricardo’s Photography on Flickr

The city of Orlando has something for you whether you’re traveling alone or with family, friends, or a significant other. It’s best known for its theme parks, but don’t forget there’s so much more to do there! From art museums to outdoor gardens, this city has it all. Furthermore, the great weather means there’s never a shortage of outdoor activities. If you love nature and wildlife, check out this great manatee tour! You can’t go wrong with easy, fun-filled warm travel destinations like Orlando.

2. Cancun, Mexico
Cancun Warm travel destinations 2017
Morning in Cancun, courtesy of Chris Bickham on Flickr

Cancun really has it all: nightlife, beaches, history, golf, and more. Do you like animals? Take a trip to the aquarium. Are you a history buff? Check out Chichen Itza, a complex of Mayan ruins. Do you love soaking in the sun? Cancun has over 14 miles of beach-filled coastline for you to enjoy. Want to go snorkeling? There are tons of guided snorkeling tours for all levels, too! When it comes to warm travel destinations with an abundance of activities, Cancun can’t be beat.

3. Sevilla, Spain
Seville Sevilla warm travel destinations 2017
Street photo from Seville, courtesy of Bud Ellison on Flickr

Sevilla is a gorgeous Spanish city filled with equal parts rich history and modern culture. Some of the city’s most famous landmarks include its Gothic cathedral and the Alcazar, a beautifully decorated Moorish royal palace. Sevilla’s winding streets are home to countless Flamenco bars and tapas spots, so don’t be afraid to get lost in this beautiful Spanish city’s maze of food and culture. Plus, Southern Spain’s temperate climate makes travel there enjoyable, easy, and fun.

4. Southern California, United States
Warm travel destinations 2017 Santa Monica pier, Los Angeles coastline
Santa Monica Pier, courtesy of Jatiga on Pixabay

There’s so much to do in Southern California it’s hard to know where to begin! Just Los Angeles is like an entire universe of its own. Within this city, there’s Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, and more, all of which offer their own unique sites and sounds. Plus there are other great SoCal cities, like San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Monica. If you love the beach and the sun, this part of California is for you.

5. The Bahamas
Bahamas warm travel destinations 2017
Island hammock, courtesy of Ken Teegardin on Flickr

Imagine turquoise water, powdery sandy beaches, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. If this appeals to you, make the Bahamas your next vacation spot. There, you can swim, snorkel, explore, and of course, relax. The islands are also filled with historic sites like military forts and cathedrals, attractions like zoos and aquariums, and history and art museums.

There’s no better way to start the New Year than by promising yourself a fabulous warm winter getaway. There are countless warm travel destinations you can choose to make these adventure dreams come true. Any of the above places will go above and beyond your expectations. So take a break from the cold and pack up and go!

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