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Meet Alison, a London local guide, DJ, filmmaker and a fashion designer

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Meet Alison Wise, a London local who is passionate about traveling, being a tour guide, and meeting new people. Alison is an American expat who has lived in London for over 15 years, and she describes herself as an International Renaissance Woman. When she’s not giving tours to travelers from around the world, Alison can be found working as a DJ, fashion designer, or filmmaker!

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Meet Alison Wise!

When asked why she loves living in London, Alison told us, “It’s the best city in the world! I have lived in London for over 15 years and I’m still discovering new things about it all the time. I like sharing my passions–my city and the music history of it–with other people.”

Plus, her 15 years living in London means she knows the city well. “I like showing people that there are other sides to London than Buckingham Palace and Big Ben,” she says. She currently lives in Camden, which she refers to as her second home. Although she loves all of London, she particularly enjoys showing people around Camden.

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Camden High Street

As a tour guide, what makes Alison unique? Well, Alison works for herself. This means she comes up with the ideas for her tours and does all the research herself. Because of this, she’s able to focus on the things she is most passionate about. Most notably, fashion and music! She has three bachelor degrees related to these interests–one in Fashion Design, one in American Film Production, and one in British Film Production–so she has a lot of cultural knowledge to contribute to her tours.

She also loves travel, and knows how important it is. “The world we live in is so connected because of the internet and social media,” she says, “We need to travel and experience things in person to actually understand how other people live.”

Because of this, Alison loves getting to know the travelers she meets on her tours. And, in fact, once the tour ends, she often remains friends with them. She’s even been invited to several of their weddings!

London street local guide
London, courtesy of Pedro Szekely on Flickr

At the end of the day, for Alison, it’s all about her love for London and her passion for music. Alison told us, “One of the reasons I do the Rock n Roll Camden Tour is because of my love of the music scene in Camden. Music is international and it brings people together.”

Yes, that’s right. Music is international and it brings people together, just like travel!

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