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Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This Amazing Yoga Workout

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Countless yogis are joining the amazing, invigorating, and meditative SUP Yoga movement that’s sweeping the nation.

In the last several years, yoga has become wildly popular in the United States. All over the country, college students, working twenty-somethings, professional athletes, CEOs, and many others have adopted it as part of their daily routines. For some, it’s a refreshing way to start the morning. For others, it’s a regular form of serious exercise. And for some people, it’s simply a fun hobby or occasional pastime. But, as amazing and popular as yoga is, some people wish they could get a little bit more out of it. Although yoga is a great and meditative form of exercise, doing yoga on the bedroom floor with instruction from a YouTube channel can get a little boring.

SUP Yoga

Why You Will Love SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga, also known as Stand Up Paddle Yoga, is yoga that is done on a paddle board on the water. One of the greatest advantages of SUP Yoga is that it is an amazing workout. On land, gravity and a sturdy floor make balancing poses relatively straightforward. In SUP Yoga, however, the moving paddle board and changing water conditions make balancing more of a challenge. This is a fantastic way to take your workout to the next level, and it’ll leave you feeling even more satisfied and proud when you’re done. Don’t worry, though, if balancing isn’t your cup of tea. Usually, paddle boards are anchored to hold them in place. Plus, lots of instructors offer classes for beginners with no previous paddle board or yoga experience required.

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It’s Incredibly Meditative

Think about how relaxing and strengthening a regular session of yoga is on its own, then imagine doing that on the water. What could be better than a sun salutation or a savasana while gently rocking on the ocean? Imagine the warmth of the sun on your skin and the sound of the waves all around you. People love SUP Yoga simply because it leaves them feeling completely at peace and connected to the Earth around them.

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It Gets You Outside

Science has proved that spending time in nature is beneficial for our intelligence and our physical and emotional health. Yoga, too, has many meditative, physical, and emotional benefits. What better way to get the most of all this than by doing both at once? SUP Yoga is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and connected to nature. Plus, there are some really incredible places to do SUP Yoga, including California, Florida, and Hawaii.

SUP Yoga Hawaii

Get Started With SUP Yoga Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the movement of SUP Yogis who are committing to better, healthier, and more peaceful workouts and get out on the water with a paddle board today. There are lots of places where you can sign up for lessons for a low cost. So get out there, get moving, and get connected to nature!

SUP Yoga Hawaii

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