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Meet Christian Giacomuzzi, Paris Resident and Local Guide

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Paris resident Christian Giacomuzzi wears many hats; on top of serving as a lecturer at several Parisian universities and working as a journalist, he is also a local Gopackup guide. For Giacomuzzi, his work as a guide combines the best aspects of his other two positions. Providing local tours allows him to communicate what he loves most, research his city and create tours based on what he learns, connect with people, and transmit his knowledge and expertise.

Christian Giacomuzzi with a group of travelers
Christian Giacomuzzi (center) with a group of travelers

Giacomuzzi is no stranger to beautiful cities with rich history. He spent much of his life in Italy; he grew up near Venice and Verona, studied in Florence, and has family in Rome. However, at the age of 23 he visited Paris for the first time, and says he fell in love at first sight.

“I remember on the last day, sitting at the terrace of a café in Saint-Germain-des-Près, I promised myself that I would be back,” he says, speaking of his first visit to the City of Lights. Five years after that he returned to Paris, and now, 22 years later, he still hasn’t left.

Café_de_Flore-Quartier Saint Germain-Paris-France
Café de Flore in Saint Germain, courtesy of Arnaud 25 on Wikipedia

Giacomuzzi bases his tours on his personal experiences from living and working in Paris. His time as a university lecturer has provided him with extensive knowledge about the city’s history, architecture, and famous Parisian figures like Julius Caesar, Saint Genevieve, Louis XIV, and Napoleon. In addition, his experience as a journalist has given him lots of insight into the political and social culture of France.

On top of this, Giacouzzi spends his free time reading books about history and art and traveling to beautiful sites in France, Europe, and the rest of the world. He says, “The more I travel and read, the more I discover that in history, art, and literature, everything is somehow connected. The more clearly I see those topics, the more clear and interesting I can make the stories I tell my guests in Paris.”

Paris seen from Ile de St. Louis, Notre Dame de Paris
Paris, courtesy of Moyan Brenn on flickr

Because of Giacomuzzi’s extensive professional and personal experience, travelers always leave his tours having learned something fascinating and new about French history, art, and culture. “At the end of the tour my guests see the city in a completely different way. Even Parisians who have been my customers tell me that they discovered a completely different Paris with me.”

When asked about the importance of meeting local guides while traveling, Giacomuzzi says, “Meeting locals is the only way to find out what a country or city is really like.”

Guiding gives Giacomuzzi the best of both worlds. It allows him to combine his passions for history, art, and culture while connecting with people by showing them what he loves most about his city. Learn more about this great Gopackup guide and all he can teach you about Paris here!

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